i just woke up from dream , about london , interesting , I never been there ; The other day my left hand was attacked by snake , so vivid , it woke me up. 

   I feel terrible about my health , 1-10 , I’ll give it 5 , I feel my heartbeat every time i get up , so I stay in bed , with my macbook . I eat little ,veggies , glad @biz came up this idea ,hello high cholesterol . 

     rope skipping skipping … skipping 

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ByeBye Knicks

New York just lost the game. On twitter,”Bye Bye Knicks” is the top trend. After all these years,they still sucks,I don’t think they ever had chance a comeback,it’s 2012. heat


wordpress.com is an asshole, hope they got one, they reserved “8Ave”, left me with “8Aves”. I was sitting on the toilet, can’t remember why I wanna blog so bad, last time i did, not in a restroom.

8 Ave; Brooklyn

a place i love and hate, more of the hate part—It always crowed , remind me my hometown,  not i hate my birthplace,  but the disgust feel it brings: make me wanna work.

I love monday, yep, we don’t off on weekends. ‘We’ : I mean people works in restaurants me: a chef, I hate my job,  I always wanna be a basketball player, or a coach i guess, at least i can still imitate their talks, which I’m still good at, but not physical play anymore, I’m old.

It feels good to be a grown up, burden the same time. I feel awful, I’m a hater, I talk, talk, talk… rarely get stuff done, eyes high, hands low.


says: if you stupid, it’s okay; if you stupid,and ignorance,then you trouble. So I try not to be both; I read, almost everyday except when I’m not working, I read whenever I can, at my job: i cut , i eat ,i read, then i cook ,as soon as i finished, i read, read ,read…. just bough a kindle fire for my girlfriend,she said reading Rich dad Poor dad on iphone just too small.”good”,i figure,”she gonna be rich,and I don’t have to work no more”

I heard one’s success depends on how many uncomfortable things he have done; My list is empty, except peeing myself if that counts.
The Education of Millionaires used to be my bible,until i read Recession-Proof Graduate by

Charlie Hoehn

he is my same age,no wonder I feel intimidated,I dont wanna fall too behind–--I’m learning code@udacity(2 months already),codecademy as well, and I’m building a job board, those jackass agencies ripping me off, giving me shitty jobs. sure,I hate them.
8aves——a website, just a little better than these bozos, where jobs will be free as it should be,  for poor  ‘We’.
( currently reading : A confederacy of Dunces—John Kennedy)