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My TEDx Talk on ‘The 4 Mistakes You’ll Make in College’

fucking awesome!!

On June 3rd, I gave a talk at Mission San Jose’s TEDx event. Because I was speaking to juniors and seniors in high school, I decided to write my speech on some of the mistakes they should try to avoid in college.

Here’s my 18-minute talk:

And here’s my slide deck:

I decided early on to leave out some of the more topical and “obvious” mistakes, like taking on colossal debt, or going to college in the first place. That type of advice isn’t very helpful because our choices about higher education are not strictly rational…

Students take out massive loans in hopes of a better future, while dismissing the greater likelihood of a compromised one. And people go to college because it’s still very strongly enforced as the best possible career move by our society, our parents, and our peers.

I didn’t want to give a talk that pointed out…

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