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Today is sep 29,2012,I just wrote a 5.5million check to my landlord, now I’m sitting on my bed….”it’s easier for hitler to start WorldWar2 than it is for him to sit in front of a blank canvas “, who ever say this, must be wiser than me, although bastard hitler is lucky–he never get to code..

On sep 9 ,2012 . I flew from china –> sf,california. I lost my green card there , it is a fantastic experience, keeping me enjoy wonderful censorship — I got off the plane, saw the tweeter logo, I cried..and tweet “I want some youtube,mutherfucker!”

It is how powerfully we are, we adopt the environment so quickly, the things make us high don’t make us high no more, sometime we all forgot we won the lottery.  I know i can be a kickass programmer,or half-kickass, just matter of time (of course ,asshole) no,dude, literally! .. all i need is one employer, who is blind and rich. why i’m still unemployed, man , just look how persistent I am even after 7 months of learning and produce this shit .


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