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code dilemma

I’m learning python at udacity–4months now, and i just started learning ruby on rails after seeing @j3 ‘s amazing HungryAcademy program.I feel terrible,cuz i haven’t build anything yet. damn!! It’s like reading The game 10 times and fuck 0 chicks,another way to put it: it only harder your dick without telling you how to get holes or maybe just me don’t know how. Everyday i ask myself “did i learn something”, the answer,usually “not much”. why i moving like a turtle.
cs101 is too fucking awesome. I fell in love with Dave , but it kept me waiting..i usually finish one unit in one day and wait for answer for days…
and cs212 is hands down –too damn hard!and too good.

why haven’t i build anything yet? should i keep digging @udacity or …apply for dev bootcamp,app academy?

I need something build — 7/20–8/20


One response to “code dilemma

  1. go to dev bootcamp..mua ,stop reading The game!

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